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I can't stand staring at Overwatch characters for some reason... 
I feel like that they're watching me. pun intended. I mean rly
Pokemon - 'Nebby, Get In The Bag!!'
This is just everywhere and I love it.
Nebby is just so adorable (and the problem of not staying in one place is slightly relatable....). Drawing Nebby was slightly difficult (because...colors...and gas...idk) but I kinda liked the final. I orignally thought of putting Lillie there trying to chase Nebby but...yeah... I suck at drawing peeps...
If I were to have a Gaster Blaster...
This is the Gaster Blaster that was on one of my previous submissions here on DA (it was the random comic thing... But let's not talk about that). I used it as well on my animation project for Computer class (that I passed like on midnight...'last night'??). I loved my Gaster Blaster and I don't want to like... waste it so.... yeah... 

The sprite version looks swell as hell though... but the diamonds seems to bother me a bit... and the metal thingies that connect the mouth to the jaw is not in here or else the Blaster will just be a mess! 

This was a rushed drawing because I was trying to finish my project before today (the deadline) (I also forgot to remove the frame where Napstablook is supposed to be floating or whatever but I still haven't got a word from our teacher as of now.

Also, The watermark is just... Eh.... A blue layer with mah username on it written lazily...just...EEHHHHHH!!!

Dun take it though... Das bad.
Just on the Harbour
My aunt and I decided to roam around a bit while we're in the city. It was hard to take pics because the foreground kept getting darker. :-\


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Vladinym Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Student General Artist
That's some dapper icon you got there :XD:
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SuperUndertale Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Professional General Artist
1. What drawing tablet do you use?
2. Can you draw Chara with huge boobs and/or a huge butt and/or a huge tummy?
(1 Reply)
MysteriousPortal Featured By Owner May 4, 2016
Welcome to DA ^^, hope you like it here. (And can I ask what progam you use to draw?)
(1 Reply)
Saywinter Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello ! welcome to DA ! ^^
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Vixerswint Featured By Owner May 2, 2016
Thanks for the watch. 😀😀😀

Welcome to DeviantArt hope you have a wonderful stay here. (Looking forward to see you progress in dA)

Pinoy ka rin pala, hehe. Natutuwa ako kapag nakakakita ako ng ibang Pinoy sa dA.
Salamat sa watch, sana maging masaya ka sa dA. 😊😊😊
(1 Reply)
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